Kristiono Setyadi

printf("Hello, World!\n");

Software Engineer. | Mobile Developer. | 3/4 Mathematician. | Algebra Fans. | Love to build things.

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Jakarta, Indonesia

Kristiono Setyadi

Software Engineer. Mobile Developer. 3/4 Mathematician. Algebra Fans.


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Been doing programming since Junior High School, it becomes oxygen that I breath. I mostly spend times having fun solving problems around my job as a software engineer and trying to find an elegant way to solve a problem.

I am currently working as a CTO at The Jakarta Post Digital and I am responsible for everything about technology.

When I'm not doing programming, I mostly spend times reading books about mathematics (my favorite one is a book titled "A First Course in Abstract Algebra" by John B. Fraleigh), computer science and business/management.

And if you can't find me anywhere doing those kind of things, I'm probably driving somewhere with my lovely old car, Mitsubishi Galant v6 2.4L (1999).

What I Use

Programming languages or tools that I frequently use


Websites, internal applications, reportings and simple forms were done using PHP. Combined with Laravel, it's all about getting things done.


I'm a big fan of automation. From email alert, doing routine check, auto update, weekly newsletter, extracting data from one to another, taking regular screenshot, and many more. Python is my best friend to do just that.


When it comes to mobile programming especially Android, Java is still the one. Beyond that, I sometimes create and develop smart home or even designing smart car using Android. Of course, I heavily use Java on this.


Not a really big fan of Javascript, but still using it due to its awesomeness in delivering new shiny HTML5 features such as local storage, page visibility, and WebRTC.


Still new and trying to go a little bit deeper. Some say it's good for one thing, another say it's not good for this and that. Trying to figure it out.

Bash Scripting

The purpose is as much the same as Python, but for a small and lightweight tasks. My own rule is simple. If it's more than 50 lines of bash codes, then switch to Python instead.


My experience.


Chief Technology Officer


The Jakarta Post Digital

Jan 2015 - now

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for researching and implementing new technologies that will help deliver the main objective of the company.

Providing information and strengthen communication among entities about technologies involved in the process and closing the gap between technical and non-technical entities.

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U Connectivity Services

Sept 2012 - Oct 2014

Software/Mobile Engineer, Koprol

I recently developed Yahoo! Koprol for touch devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android using part of HTML5 technologies. I also Develop the Yahoo! Koprol for Android application which is now available on the Android Market.

After success launch of those applications, I was assigned to develop Koprol 2.0 for middle to low-end devices, including BlackBerry and JavaME.

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Oct 2010 - April 2012

My Blog

I like to write and share some stuff. Go read it.

Define: Family

It’s been two years since I blogged about the new challenges and first official day at U Connectivity Services as a CTO. Today, with a mix feeling between sadness and excitement, I must say that I have to move to the next thing.


On Blocking The Internet

Last night, I couldn’t access Reddit site. The weird thing was that I could access the landing page, but couldn’t access categories under it. I’m using Bolt and to those of you surfing through other ISPs, you might or might not get the same result as I am.


How I "Defeated" Jakarta's Traffic Jam

Usually, I never complained about Jakarta’s traffic jam. Not before I moved to a new office and new house. Right now, I have to travel around 30km to go to the office (so it doubled to 60km to go back and forth). It was fun driving that long before the traffic jam get worse and worse (and the worst yet to come). So, this is how I play “cat and mouse” with the traffic jam.


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